The Bearded Minute Ep7 - Does Over-Brushing Damage Your Beard?

The Bearded Minute Ep7 - Does Over-Brushing Damage Your Beard?

December 07, 2019

Brushes are perfect for helping to train your beard to lay on your face, instead of flying in every direction. If you notice a substantial increase in hair being shed, you may be brushing your beard too much.


Benefits of Brushing Your Beard

Using a brush helps you work through your hair and scalp without aggravating the skin or hair follicles. This also helps stimulate and encourage your natural sebaceous oils to flow through your beard, nourishing and conditioning hair while reducing the chances of you itching from dryness. It will also add some shine and volume to your beard.

  • Use a horsehair or boar hair brush for your beard. This has the benefit of evenly distributing the beards oil to other parts of the skin.
  • When using a brush, you will gently stroke your hair from the front of your beard to the neck region. Depending on the direction you want, you can either bring it upward or downward. These brushes are good for trapping the oil in your beard for even distribution as opposed to synthetic brushes.
  • Removing clusters of hair might be difficult to achieve with a comb, but more comfortable than with a brush. 

Effects of Over-Brushing Your Beard

Hair loss is normal, but don’t speed up the process by over-brushing and causing damage to your hair fibers. The bristles stretch your hair fibers causing them to break off sooner than it should and your beard to appear thinner. Also, using low-quality grooming products, especially plastic combs and brushes with synthetic bristles, will cause damage as well.

You don't need to do 100 brush strokes on each side like Chicago in ‘Poetic Justice’ - just spend a minute or two so everything gets evenly distributed and your hair styled how you want. How often you brush your beard depends on the style you want and the weather outside. Because every man is different, and so is every beard, maintaining facial hair is unique to each individual, so adjust accordingly.

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