How To Apply Beard Oil The Right Way

How To Apply Beard Oil The Right Way

August 11, 2018 11 Comments

Applying Beard Oil The Correct Way 

Having a full-grown beard is a huge task that takes some people months to achieve, and it comes with sacrifice. It's understandable and you shouldn’t have to break the bank over it. Having a beard and keeping a beard are two different things. This article will be centered on how the beard oil can help you in achieving the later. 

Beard oil is merely skin nourishment that adds luster and keeps your beard shinning. Let’s face it, getting compliments like "Your beard looks dope" or “I love his beard” are great, especially when it’s from the ladies when they see you walk by. Another advantage is the prevention of beardruff and constant itching. Beard oil helps you to stay comfortable and sharp for the rest of your day. Applying beard oil is not complicated, it only requires paying attention to a few details.



The best time to apply beard oil is right after you’ve had a shower or after you dampen your beard. At that moment, the pores of your skin will have opened up, and the oil can quickly settle in. As much as the beard oil is best applied after a shower, it is wrong to apply it to an overly wet area. Ensure you gently towel dry your beard with a microfiber towel giving it some measure of dampness before applying your beard oil. Avoid using shampoos on your beard to wash it, they are made for your hair and will be too harsh for surfaces such as your face. Shampoos are designed to remove oils causing dirt in your scalp. It is essential to establish that the scalp produces more oil than your face does. So, it is imperative that you stick to a wash designed for your face and beard such as Black Beard Brigade Face and Beard Wash

If it isn’t time for a shower, and you still want to have that deep clean while opening up your pores, then a warm towel treatment will work. The steam released from the towel helps to open up your pores, soften the hairs, and hydrate the skin. 

How To Apply A Dropper Directly 

The dropper will help you gauge the right amount of beard oil that you need. The dropper is used as a lid and measurement tool for most beard oils, so it's easy to spot. The most important thing is using the right amount and not wasting product. 


The amount of beard oil you choose to apply is dependent on two necessary conditions: 

  • The thickness of your beard
  • Length of your beard 

The period in which you've been carrying your beards is essential in determining how you will measure your beard oil usage. If it is your first time using the beard oil, it will be better to stick with the dropper tool at first, to ensure you're using just the right amount of beard oil for your beard needs. Here is a guide that shows the amount of beard oil to use relative to how long you had your beard: 

  • Short beard - 3 to 4 drops
  • Medium length beard - 6 to 10 drops
  • Longbeard - use the dropper to get to the skin and spot drop

This guide is just a starting point so adjust accordingly. Through regular usage, you can determine what works best. A general rule is that "whatever you choose to do should be done in moderation" which is far more effective than applying it in excess. 

Dropping Into Palm First 

To evenly distribute the beard oil to every part of your beard you should do that with your hands. This will afford you the chance to apply the right amount of pressure on the follicle region especially when it is opened. The beard oil is useful for fresh skin which means you can use it on every part of your face which includes your jaw, mustache, ears, and other parts of your face. 

Frequency of Use 

How often you choose to apply the beard oil depends on what you want to achieve. The regular use of beard oil will help you keep a fresh and healthy beard. The number of times you use it in a day depends on some underlying factors. 

  1. When you have a short beard and live in a humid climate, you might only need to use the beard oil once a day preferably in the morning.
  2. When you have a thick and long beard and live in a dry climate, you can use the beard oil on a daily basis. It can also be applied twice a day.
  3. Depending on the brand of beard oil, you will get a specific scent. This scent tends to die down or even change based on your body chemistry. As the day goes on, you can apply more beard oil if you are using one that dies down during the day. There is also a cologne factor. When you enhance your beard oil with a complimentary scent, then you create a whole new experience. Black Beard Brigade carries a Parfume that compliments both of our scents. No need to worry about two scents that do not work or play well together. 

How To Apply Beard Oil 

The following are the steps to use beard oil. 

  1. Gently drop or pour in your hand and gently rub on your palm so that the beard oil can settle evenly on your skin.
  2. Get the oil into the root of your skin to help get the root healthy and strong.
  3. Ensure the oil is getting to your neck region and your lower jaw area. Make sure you're rubbing it evenly to every part of your skin, you don't want to leave any part untouched.
  4. Distribute the oil evenly in your beard by applying it across and with the grain, from the front of your beard to the side of the beards and down to the goatee area.
  5. Finally, the part that experiences most dryness, the mustache, and the soul patch area. You can use the tip of your finger to caress the mustache gently. 

How to Comb Long Hair 

It is essential to get a perfect comb that will be soothing to your beard. The combs are of various sizes so the length of your beard will determine which size will work best for you. Combing your beard has several benefits such as:

  1. Prevent stray hairs from getting into your mouth and trains them to grow away from it.
  2. It helps the beards grow fuller by giving the hair a successive arrangement.
  3. Prevents the growth of hairs in-between the beard.
  4. It helps to spread the oil evenly. 

A wooden comb is the best for what you need. It creates less friction and keeps oil in the comb that can be used throughout the beard. These combs also stay conditioned with usage. 

Beard Comb

Combing Long Hair 

  • Start at a slower pace; this way you can easily untangle any clustered hair. Don't force yourself if you have any clustered hair. Holding your comb with its teeth toward the face, start by combing from the top of your beard.
  • Kick-off from the low region and start combing upward; raise the teeth of your comb upward and gently rub it through your neck to your chin. This will carefully separate your beard giving it a soft feeling.
  • Comb it down the same way you took your comb up. At this point, you can create any shape which you desire from your beards just by combing towards its direction.
  • Comb your mustache 

 Brushing Your Beard Hair 

  • Use a horsehair or boar hair brush for your beard. This has the benefit of evenly distributing the beards oil to other parts of the skin.
  • When using a brush, you will gently stroke your hair from the front of your beard to the neck region. Depending on the direction you want, you can either bring it upward or downward. These brushes are good for trapping the oil in your beard for even distribution as opposed to synthetic brushes.
  • Removing clusters of hair might be difficult to achieve with a comb, but more comfortable than with a brush. 

You can stay fresh and sharp with the use of beard oil, but it is even better when you're proficient with the application. Using the right amount of beard oil and applying the right time will give you the desired result you want for your beard.

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