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What Is The Meaning Behind No Shave November?

November 07, 2019

November is a month to raise awareness about men's health, specifically testicular, prostate and colon cancer. Growing out your facial hair serves as a visual conversation starter.  When's the last time you treated your health seriously? Did you have your annual physical this year? Have you done a testicular self-check lately?

Last year, we donated a portion of the November sales to the No-Shave November organization. They raise money to fight cancer. We will be doing this again!

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In 2009, No-Shave November became something more than just a name. An organization was started to make it their mission to raise awareness and funds to support various charities that are working towards a cure. It is estimated by the American Cancer Society that in 2019 there will be about 174,650 men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer (1) which is a 6% increase from 2018. There will also be an estimated 31,620 deaths from prostate cancer in 2019 (1), a 7% increase from 2018.

Routine screening tests for men

When it comes to determining which exams you need, there are varying suggestions from different professional health care organizations. It is important that you consult your primary care physician to determine what is most appropriate specifically for you based on your current health status, your family health history and other factors your doctor considers significant. According to Harvard’s Healthbeat:

Men are less likely than women to get routine physical exams and screenings. A survey by the American Academy of Family Physicians found that 55% of men surveyed had not seen their doctor for a physical exam in the previous year, even though 40% of them had at least one chronic condition. Nearly one-fifth of men ages 55 and over said they had never undergone screening for colon cancer, and almost 30% said they "wait as long as possible" to seek medical attention when they are feeling sick or in pain.

Some men never take the time to ensure that their body receives the proper maintenance. This starts with regular healthy routines at home but continues with a regular yearly check-up at the doctor. Let’s continue to keep the conversations and awareness going. You can also review the list of recommended check-ups to consider here: Harvard’s Healthbeat

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