Medium and Long Beard Care Tips

Growing a long beard is indeed time-consuming, but not as complicated as some make it seem. Knowing how to care for one is mainly about keeping it hydrated and conditioned. Beard products like the ones we make are formulated to soothe new-growth itch and condition established beards to cut down on beardruff.

When combing a long beard, be careful not to pull the hairs. It is essential to get a perfect comb that will be soothing to your beard. The combs are of various sizes so the length of your beard will determine which size will work best for you. Combing your beard has several benefits such as:

  1. Prevent stray hairs from getting into your mouth and directs their course to grow away from it.
  2. It helps your beards to grow fuller by giving your hair a successive arrangement.
  3. Prevents the growth of ingrown hairs in-between your beard.
  4. It helps to spread the oil evenly.

Comb your beard daily and lead it in the direction you want it to grow. If you do this at least three times a day, eventually, the beard will be trained to go to the fixed direction and cover the bald spots on the skin. For more tips on applying beard oil and combing your beard, check out this post: Applying Beard Oil The Correct Way

Brushing with a natural hairbrush acts as a natural treatment for your beard because it helps distribute your skin’s natural oils evenly throughout your facial hair. Daily brushing helps to exfoliate and massage the skin while softening facial hair.

At this length, you should keep washing your beard once or twice a week, but no more unless you get particularly dirty at work. Our activated charcoal wash is a once-a-week detox, so you shouldn't use it more than once a week or you'll dry out your beard. Whether you’re perfectly happy with your medium-length beard or you want to add more depth and length to it, you’re going to want to use beard oil and balm regularly. When applying beard oil, make sure you don’t just rub it on the outside, or top layer of your beard. It’s important to get it to the hair underneath, especially the dense hair under the jaw. You want to massage right down to the skin. After you finish, then wait a few minutes and follow it up by applying beard butter. If you aren't trying to style your beard, then you won't need the beard balm right now. The main difference between balm and butter is beeswax. We recommend our beard oil, balm, or butter to give your beard all the nutrients it needs. You don't need to use the balm and butter at the same time. Our Beard Balms are meant to tame your hairy beast by controlling flyaways and stray strands. It will help eliminate beardruff while also softening your beard. 

Typically, for this length of beard, the most important thing is ensuring that the beard tapers lightly to blend the sideburns and the underside of your chin. If you made the wise decision to head to the barbers, maintaining the line around your jawline is much easier as you can use their expert line as a guide. We also carry razors if you are skilled enough to handle them yourself. Your long beard requires a little more maintenance, but it isn't hard to accomplish.