About Us

Our start came from the struggle of finding products that worked along with great service. We believe you should be able to apply a product and get through the day without feeling dry and itchy. 

We help you improve your hair and skin care regimen by providing natural and vegan skin, hair, and beard care products that solve problems of dryness and flaking along with education on why it works.

No Sulfates, Petroleum, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colors, Animal Ingredients. Not Tested on Animals.

Have you ever used a product and a few hours later had to wash it out because the scent changed?

Have you ever bought a product that was supposed to help with dry skin and beardruff, but ended up being dry and itchy halfway through the day?

Have you ever paid more for shipping than for the product?

Have you ever purchased an expensive product only to be disappointed by its results, and have it end up in the trash?

Once, I found a great product and began sharing it with others. One day, it was time to buy more, but the whole shop was gone. They had a great product but provided poor service, and clients became fed up.

After years of searching and trying out different brands, we realized that consistently getting quality products and great service was hard to come by. So, we started creating our products, then decided to share them with the world. (Review our natural ingredients here)

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