Brush Types

Synthetic hair brushes lack the ability to trap your natural oils and beard oil. Leaving your skin dry and itchy.


Black Beard Brigade’s Brushes are perfect for helping to train your beard to lay on your face, instead of flying in every direction, which is especially helpful for those new to the beard game and working through the uncomfortable stage.

A common material used to make beard wooden brushes is animal hair, such as boar hair or horsehair. The hairs are quite similar to human hair. Horsehair brushes are softer than boar hair brushes and are good for those that cannot use boar hair because it is from a pig. They work through our hair and scalp without aggravating the skin or the hair follicles. This helps stimulate and encourage your natural sebaceous oils to flow through your beard, nourishing and conditioning hair while reducing the chances of you itching from dryness. It will also add some shine and volume to your beard.