Grooming FAQs

Beard Grooming Frequently Asked Questions:
We know you’ve got questions about beard products and maintaining your beard, so we provided answers to the most sought-after questions below. If you don't see an answer, then let us know and we'll be sure to help you out.
Black Beard Brigade Frequently Asked Questions
How long do your products last on the shelf?
Most beard products usually last over a year to three years, for as long as you keep them stored in a cool, dry place. While beard oil bottles are usually black in order to block out the sun’s UV rays that could break the oils down, it’s really not recommended to store it in direct sunlight.
What is the best storage temperature for the products?
Although we use UV resistant packaging, the best way to store beard oil and balm is room temperature and out of the sun. Beard butter is different and needs to be kept under 78°. Keeping your beard products in direct sunlight will cause them to break down quicker and shorten its shelf life.
Are Your products Animal Tested?
No. Black Beard Brigade Does not test products on animals. We have had friends that sometimes act like animals test products, but doubt this counts.
How do you care for short beards?
Review our short beard care tips and products here
How do you care for long beards?
Review our tips for long beards care and maintenance here
I have sensitive skin. Are your products natural? What type of Ingredients do you use?
We use 100% natural ingredients. Our beard butter is vegan-friendly and does not include beeswax. We don’t include Sulfates, Silicones, Petroleum, Parabens, Mineral Oil, or Synthetic Colors in any of our products. A list of the ingredients and why we use them can be found here.
My beard butter melted, what do I do?
It just separated due to the heat. You can find quick and easy instructions on how to get the consistency back here
What is your shipping policy? Do you ship internationally?

FREE US (Continental) orders over $50 - Standard shipping (1 - 7 business days)
FREE INTERNATIONAL orders over $75 - Standard shipping (14-30 business days)
If you think it's stuck or lost, let us know by emailing us at More shipping details can be found here

Do you sell beard dye?
No. Embrace the gray. It's just wisdom.
Do beard oils work on the hair on top of the head?
Yes, they will. They are great for your scalp. The same carrier oils and ingredients work for skin and hair just about anywhere on the body.
Can Beard Oil stop my skin from being itchy?
Yes! You can use any of our All Natural, Man-Made products to help with itchy skin. Beard Oils and Beard Butters help hydrate and nourish the skin and relieve itching in addition to making your beard awesome.
Will Black Beard Brigade products help with growth?
Although the rate your hair grows is set in your genes, our products help create the conditions for healthy growth, this leads to less breakage of the hair shafts so your beard will get thicker and longer at a faster rate. We help stimulate and promote growth.
What's the difference between balm and butter?
Beard Butters are similar to balms in their nourishing qualities. The major difference is the absence of beeswax. Butters can be used as leave-in conditioners, day or night. For more information, check out this video
Can I just use hair care products on my beard?

No, because facial hair is constructed differently than head hair. Some hair products use ingredients that are too harsh for your face and tend to clog pores. Due to the hair follicles, facial hair is generally thicker and of a wirier texture than hair on your head. The skin under the hair is also different. The hair on your Scalp can be thinner and straighter, whereas beard hair can be thick and curly.

My wife doesn't like my beard. What should I do?

If you are fortunate to have the ability to grow a beard, but your significant other is against it, then here are three benefits to help you make your case.  Just make sure you use Black Beard Brigade's products to help soften that beard so you do not have a face that feels like sandpaper. Read more here 

Should I use heat on my beard?
No, hot air dries out the beard and skin and your hair will feel brittle. This will also cause beardruff. Some will tell you to put something over your beard to protect it from getting as hot, but this still causes damage that isn't immediately noticed. 
Are products good for all skin types?
Yes! All skin types approved. All of our products are also vegan-friendly EXCEPT the beard balm if you don't care for beeswax.
Can men and women use these products?
Yes! All of our products are good for the whole family. Our balms and butters are excellent for biracial kids, curly-haired kids, and kids with wild unruly kinky locks. 
Does stress affect my beard growth?
Low testosterone in men has a direct link with mood swing, depression, and stress. When a man has low testosterone, he might tend to have less energy for exercise, which might lead to an increase in body size and loss of hair. Read more about how to increase testosterone here
What do I do with this stuff?/How to Use Beard Oil/Balm??

First, apply the Black Beard Brigade oil. It is a beard conditioner that hydrates and reduces beard itch. Beard oil is geared towards helping your skin.

Second, apply the balm which acts as a sealant for the oil. Black Beard Brigade balm is a conditioner and styling aid –beeswax gives it a light-to-medium hold like a pomade for your mane. Beard balm does two things: 1. Tames stray beard and mustache hairs while training them to grow a certain way, plus tame stray hairs. 2. Hydrates while sealing in moisture, protecting your beard from environmental stress. How to apply beard balm/butter

How often should I apply beard products?

How often you choose to apply the beard products depends on what you want to achieve. Daily use is recommended. Regular usage will help you keep a fresh and healthy beard. The number of times you use it in a day depends on some underlying factors. 

  1. When you have a short beard and live in a humid climate, you might only need to use the beard oil once a day preferably in the morning.
  2. When you have a thick and long beard and live in a dry climate, you can use the beard products twice a day.
How do I reduce beard breakage?
Beard hair, while still being coarse and kinky, has a low resistance to many things that you may be doing regularly. Avoid excessive combing, especially while dry. Keep beard hair moisturized by applying a balm or conditioner at least twice a day; once in the morning and again at night and reduce the amount of heat exposure from styling tools.
How do I deal with a patchy beard?
Stop Neglecting your beard care routine
Give enough time for patchy beards to grow out. 4-6 weeks at least.
Incorporate a healthier diet
Reduce Stress Read more here.
Should I apply products to wet, or dry hair?
That is really up to you. However, we recommend applying Beard Oil and Beard Balm to freshly washed (beard wash, or just warm water), towel-dried damp hair for maximum benefits. Water is a great moisturizer, and our products will help lock that moisture in. A microfiber towel is the best way to dry your hair. Click here for the full explanation
How often should I trim?
Never allow your beard to grow more than 6 weeks without having a trim. Trimming the beards enhances the growth, takes care of the skin, and removes split ends. Keeping a beard trim is vital for beard health. Click here for more info
How often should I wash?
Once a week is good, but no more than twice a week. Black Beard Brigade Face and Beard wash should only be used once a week because it is more of a detox. Learn how to use it here