Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg


Pure 1000mg (30mL Bottle)

* 30mL
* 1000mg of cannabidiol per bottle
* 33mg of active cannabidiol per serving 20 drops or ~1mL
* Full-spectrum of cannabinoids
* Carried in organic MCT oil
* Plant-based
* Made in the USA
* Vegan, eco-friendly, not tested on animals

Coconut MCT oil, (coconut derived C-8 and C-10 triglycerides only), Sunjoined Full
spectrum hemp flower extract
Flavors: organic watermelon essential oil and organic lemonade essential oil

Suggested Use:
Most people take their CBD oil sublingually because it’s the fastest and the most effective form of ingestion.

Fill the dropper with your dose of CBD oil, place a few drops under your tongue, and wait one or two minutes — then swallow.

If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, you can mix the full-spectrum extract with your food. Add it to a smoothie, shake, salad dressing, sauce, or just drizzle a few drops over your meal.

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