Henri Caesar Travel Bundle w/ Butter

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Henri Caesar Travel Bundle includes 15ml Beard Oil, 1.0oz Beard Butter, and 2.0oz Face and Beard Wash

Our Beard Bundle conditions and moisturizes to promote a soft, thick-growing beard and is perfect for a soft natural hold.

  • Face and Beard Wash (2 month supply)
  • Beard Oil - (1 month supply)
  • Beard Balm - (1 month supply) 

Beard Butters are similar to balms in their nourishing qualities. The major difference is the absence of beeswax. Butters can be used as leave-in conditioners, day or night. And because you're familiar with every ingredient, there are countless other uses like a lotion or all-around skin moisturizer.

Black Beard Brigade’s butter is great for nourishing your beard and helps nourish the skin reducing beardruff and inflammation while smoothing out the skin underneath your beard.

This travel-sized collection includes everything needed to cleanse, stimulate, and promote growth while conditioning and styling your beard on the go. Take your beard grooming regimen to the next level.