Tanzanian Sun Premium Beard Butter

Temperatures are rising and butters are affected by temps above 78° F. Ice packs are available for purchase.

Black Beard Brigade's beard butter is designed to feel more natural and less oily than others on the market. It is made from 100% natural ingredients that promote a fuller & thicker beard. Soothes and replenishes dry, damaged hair with natural lipid-rich botanicals. Adds the finishing touches for beard renewal and restoration.

Directions: To maintain and refresh your beard daily, massage a dab of Black Beard Brigade Tanzanian Sun Premium Beard Butter into the palm of your hand, and coat beard evenly from roots to tips. Use as often as needed.

Use a comb or brush to help distribute. Our oil works well with the butter to further enhance your skin and beard.

Brush and/or comb your beard into your desired style with one of our dope combs and brushes.



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