Wooden Brushes and Sandalwood Comb Set


Beard Brush and Comb Set for Men, Natural Boar Bristle OR Horsehair Brush, and Sandalwood Comb with Leather Sheath. Treat yourself to the whole package!

Black Beard Brigade’s Brushes are perfect for helping to train your beard to lay together on your face, instead of flying in every direction, which is especially helpful for those new to the beard game and working through the uncomfortable stage.

A common material used to make beard brushes is animal hair, such as boar hair or horsehair. The horsehair brush is softer than the boar hairbrush.

Black Beard Brigade presents its Precision Cut wooden combs that have been individually sanded down to ensure the smoothest finish. This comb is perfect for distributing beard oil throughout your beard after applying it while gently massaging your skin and scalp and stimulating hair follicles in order to promote healthy hair growth by stimulating blood circulation.